The Krug Family Memorial Scholarship Fund




1. Must meet criteria of directive of Bernice A. Krug.

  1. Seminary (Pastor/Minister)

  2. College (Director of Christian Education)

  3. Music Education (Director of Music)


2. Preference to be given to:

  • a. Members of Evangel United Methodist Church
  • b. Residents of Olmsted County (UM Southeast District)
  • c. Residents of Minnesota


3. Must be an active member of a United Methodist Church.


4. Must be preparing for a career within the United Methodist Church.


5. Scholarship funds are to be used for tuition and/or books only.

       (Books that are required for course of study.)


6. Scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis (applicant may re-apply).


7. Maximum of funds granted per applicant per year will be $2,000.


 Disbursement of Funds:


  1. Payment to be made directly to the institution of learning (Seminary, College, Music Inst.).
  2. To be paid quarterly, by semester, or yearly as required by institution of learning.


These guidelines may be amended/changed at any time by action of the Administrative Council of Evangel United Methodist Church, Rochester, MN.

Application Form:

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