Vision - Student Ministry

To be a community of students who are passionate and fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


To be a place that welcomes students to come and find refuge from the world, to grow in their relationship with and obedience to Jesus Christ, and to accept the Word of God as true and relevant to their lives.


  • We believe that all students need to feel welcomed, loved, accepted and valued (1 Peter 1:22; John 13:34)
  • We believe that all students need a refuge, or safe place, from the world where they can come and find peace (1 Corinthians 12:25-26)
  • We believe that Jesus Christ desires to have an ongoing personal and intimate relationship with each person (Revelation 3:20)
  • We believe that everyone should obediently submit to the authority of Jesus Christ and His ways (Philippians 2:9-11).
  • We believe that every word of the Bible, being the Word of God, is true and relevant to the lives of everyone (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • We believe that how we present God and His Word to the students should be engaging, creative and fun (1 Corinthians 9:22).


  1. We will warmly greet all students when they arrive and structure all activities to include everyone, especially newcomers. Specifically this means that:
    • We will formally welcome any newcomers during our large group time.
    • We will have newcomers fill out information about themselves so that we can follow up with them.
    • All games will be designed for everyone present to participate.
    • Small group leaders will be intentional in including newcomers in the discussion time.
  2. We will maintain a safe and loving atmosphere by building relationships between the adults and students, as well as helping students build relationships between themselves. We will not tolerate any ill-treatment of another person, such as teasing, bullying or isolating that person. Only the building up of each other will be allowed and encouraged. Specifically this means that:
    • We will break up into small groups every Sunday evening for more personal fellowship and discussion time.
    • We will also closely monitor conversations and behavior between the students so that no one is being ill-treated, bullied or isolated. Anyone who is found doing such things will be verbally warned. If it continues, that student will notify their parents themselves and then sent home for the evening.
    • Students will also be built up whenever possible. This will be done through a variety of means, such as recognizing them in large group time for achievements and giving them many opportunities to participate in the youth ministry itself.
  3. We will make knowing Jesus Christ and growing in relationship with Him a focus of all that we do. Specifically this means that:
    • Our topics for Student Ministry meetings will be designed to teach students what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture their spiritual growth in that relationship.
  4. We will teach the whole Word of God as the truth to students, without apology, and show how it is relevant to our lives. Specifically this means that:
    • Our topics for student ministry meetings, over time, will cover everything that God has to say to us in the Bible.
    • In our lessons, we will show how God’s Word is relevant to our lives, and present practical ways in which to apply it.
  5. We will design all of our teaching in such a way as to keep the students interested and engaged. Specifically this means that:
    • We will use a variety of means to present the Word of God to the students, such as video, music and drama. We will not limit ourselves in the way that the Word of God may be presented, as long as in doing so, God’s Word is not changed.
  6. We will not consider our student ministry a separate entity, but we will instead see ourselves as a vital part of Evangel, the United Methodist Church and the whole body of Christ. Specifically this means that:
    • We, both adults and students, will serve in other areas of ministry at Evangel whenever the opportunity is present.
    • We will continue participating in greater denominational events such as JUMYs and UMYs.
    • We will also look beyond the local church and denomination to partner with all other churches, regardless of denomination, to fulfill the mission of the Church.